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Episode #20

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Tom and I are always looking for ways to improve the show.  One comment that we’ve gotten is that the length of the show makes it hard for some people to watch.  We’ve also gotten comments, however, that the show length is right on because it gives us time to really talk about the issues.  What we’re going to do to keep the discussion thorough, but help people who want to watch in chunks, is to put the start times of each piece of the discussion.  If a particular section interests you, skip to that section.  I’ll also put the total time for each segment, so you know before you start how long it is (in other words, I do the math for you).  I hope this helps keep this “work safe” and we hope you enjoy.

Show  Notes:

  1. Esquinazi Order (6 1/2 minutes): starts at 1:40
  2. TRACE gift-tracking software (plus, TRACE is awesome)(5 minutes): starts at 8:24
  3. Watts Water (15 minutes): starts at 13:40
  4. SciClone (12 minutes): starts at 28:53
  5. A compliance defense (25 minutes): starts at 40:46
  6. Olympus (6 minutes): starts at 1:05:17
  7. Halliburton (just a mention)(2 minutes): starts at 1:11:39



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October 25, 2011 at 12:53 pm

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