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Episode #54

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00:01: Introduction to Episode #54,
03:54: “Thank you, Howard, for that kind introduction,” says Lanny Breuer, and more on the IBC Conference in London. Including how impressed I was with a guy named Chad Fentress, the CECO of Nokia.
09:35: UK “guidance” and UKBA enforcement (plus, TWIFCPA is big in Europe)
18:04: Tyco. The action, the settlement, and a discussion about finance controls. Schedule B.
37:56: M&A transactions under the new DPA template—required reporting and follow-on effects
(40:28: I get visitors)
44:01: Opinion releases 12-01 (royal family member as foreign government official?)
54:54: Opinion release 12-02 (more on travel, hospitality in the adoption services agency world)
62:34: FCPA Guidance from the DOJ: Myth or Reality
68:27: Bourke Appeal, Howard to attend
72:36: Alba, Alcoa settle (darn it!)

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Episode #54


Written by Howard@OpenAir

October 31, 2012 at 4:44 pm

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